I SARGASSI, leading brand in the hairstyle sector for over 40 years, on the occasion of the Rome Pride 2018, joins the LGBT community to fight against every form of discrimination and to support equal rights.

On Saturday, June 9, I SARGASSI, partner of Radio Globo, will be on air from 2 to 5 PM from the Globo Truck, located in Piazza della Repubblica in Rome, together with the speakers Andrea Torre and Federico De La Vallée.

“The Pride should be not only a celebration of the LGBT community, but also a time to reflect on every form of prejudice and to give freedom of expression to all shades of love, without any gender distinction, just as the I SARGASSI Spring/Summer 2018 collection Choose the Love – LGBTQ represents” says Rosanna Scatigno, General Manager I SARGASSI.



09 Giugno 2018