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About Us

I SARGASSI was founded in 1975 in Rome through the merger of two famous hair salons, both already present in the city since 1970.

The name I SARGASSI is an acronym of the initials of its founders: Italo, Sergio, Alfio, Rosanna and Grazia, and the suffix “assi” (which means “aces,” “masters”) which stands for the qualities and determination of the founders themselves.

Throughout the years, the group has been growing not only thanks to the opening of several hair salons in prestigious areas of the city, but also thanks to the launch of a hairstyle school, “the International Academy I SARGASSI”.

The academy, also founded in 1975, is considered by professionals of the hairdressing sector as a reference point, at the forefront for innovation and quality..

Considered exceptional amongst hairstyle schools in Italy and abroad, the academy has been officially recognized by the Ministry of Economic Development as part of the international academic program “HABIA”.

A unique style, the use of high quality products, and the highly professional team with many years of experience and training have made I SARGASSI one of the most appreciated and well-known brands on a national and international level.

At I SARGASSI, women can always find the most recent trends in terms colours and shapes; an extremely elegant and refined style, who is never exaggerated.

Initially concentrated on women’s fashion, the brand has been reinforced by men’s collections, which have highlighted the creative efforts of the students of the academy, in testament to the techniques they have learned during their educational program.

For over 40 years I SARGASSI has distinguished itself on the international scene by foreseeing the up-and-coming fashion trends and providing the epitome of a dynamic, modern, and bold hairstylist, so becoming an example of made-in-Italy excellence.