The International Academy I SARGASSI is accredited by the Lazio Region, according to the legal measure g00577, dated January 28, 2015.


Important grants have honoured the experience and professionalism of the I SARGASSI group, which has obtained the patronage of the Lazio Region and the City of Rome.

Campaigns and projects aimed at young people have always been a distinctive mark of the brand, which has also promoted numerous social initiatives.

The non-governmental organisation Differenza Donna gave credit to the academy and its general manager, Rosanna Scatigno, for the valuable cooperation on the project Ricomincio da te. The project has given women who were victims of assaults and hosted by Solidea centres, the possibility of benefiting from a highly educational program at the academy. This intervention contributed to lead these women into the job market, and to start them on a road to empowerment and self-determination.

The academy received a letter of commendation from the association Italia Futura, which praised the efforts of the academy on an interesting civil and social campaign, aimed at raising awareness among young people about various issues of public interest.

Finally, the academy received an acknowledgement from the volunteers of Telefono Rosa for their commitment to protecting women who were victims of violence.