"This is one of the best schools for hairstylists in Italy"
Valery Gorelik
Vice-President of OMC
International Organization for Hairstylists

One of the best hairstyle schools in Italy, the International Academy I SARGASSI is considered by professionals of the hairstyle sector as a reference point, at the forefront for innovation and quality.

Considered exceptional amongst hairstyle schools in Italy and abroad, the academy has been officially recognized by the Ministry of Economic Development as part of the international academic program “HABIA”.

An important feature is the great professionalism of the teaching staff and their ability to detect the strengths and weaknesses of each student.
During the first interview, a highly qualified expert guides the student in his/her choice of educational program, by suggesting the available courses that are closest to his/her goals.

Every year, the academy welcomes students from all over Italy and for over 40 years it has placed thousands of young professionals on the market, thanks to their skills and their professionalism acquired through the training program.

The academy offers both courses for aspiring hairstylists and advanced courses for professional hairstylists.

The school organizes workshops and seminars together with well-known international academies. Such events aim at further developing the students’ competencies by confronting them with different cultures and techniques, giving them a great opportunity to get a taste of other international realities.

It organizes meetings with international professional hairstylists as well, who come from all over the world to introduce themselves to the SARGASSI method.

The academy lies very close to Saint Peter’s Square, right in the centre of Rome (metro station Ottaviano).

It offers a wide range of courses and enrolment is open throughout the year.

The academy holds the certification ANCCP.