(ANSA) – Rome, December 1 – On the occasion of World AIDS Day, I SARGASSI supports the initiative “Solidarity Message” promoted by LILA (Italian Association for the Fight against AIDS).

“The younger generations are not always well informed about and accustomed to the use of precautions during sex,” says Rosanna Scatigno, General Manager of I SARGASSI. As director of the International Academy I SARGASSI, which organizes training courses for young hairstylists, she adds, “I consider it appropriate to spread correct information about the real risks of infection, since there is incredibly still a lot of confusion on how to prevent HIV-infection. Therefore, today the students of the Rome Academy will get informative materials and condoms freely distributed by LILA.”

I SARGASSI thanks The Moors, a rising band on the Italian music scene, for their testimonial on World AIDS Day.



01 Dicembre 2017