Hair Cutting Course “I SARGASSI – Style and Methodology” – 6 or 12 Mondays

An excellent way to reach a great level of competence and to improve the candidate’s abilities in the hairstyle sector. The professionalism of the I SARGASSI teaching staff will help the students find their weaknesses and strengths.

Active participation of each candidate will help to identify individual complexities in order to improve the already acquired skills.

WHO: professional hairstylists and employees

DURATION: 6 or 12 Mondays, 48 hours in total

TIME: from 9.30 AM to 1.30 PM or from 2 PM to 6 PM

WHERE: International Academy I SARGASSI – Via G. Bettolo 1/a, 00195 Rome

GOAL: The course aims at teaching the SARGASSI haircut method: internationally recognized, appreciated for its simplified, winning technique, and based on geometric rules, which make every kind of haircut reproducible.


Certificate of attendance at the end of the course.

The course schedule includes:

1st STEP
• Geometry applied to the haircut;
• Physics;
• Head anatomy and face reading;
• Critical factors before a haircut;
• Postural analysis applied to the haircut;
• Haircut techniques, 1st level: full shape (medium/long hair), graduated (medium/short hair), progressive layers (short hair).

2nd STEP
• Study and execution of the nine groove techniques;
• Study and execution of combinations of groove techniques to create a great variety of hairstyles;

For more information:
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